Debt Advisory

Do you have strategic or other questions about business finance and are you in need of financial advice?

IMAP Netherlands provides advice on finance/refinancing issues to companies, management teams and Managing Directors/Major Shareholders. Thanks to our experience, we understand the perspective of a lender looking at you and your company. We know the different forms of finance structures available in the market and the pros and cons of each. We maintain good relationships with many parties, which means we can quickly put you in touch with the right support in any conceivable situation.

Finance and refinancing are often a complicated process.  IMAP Netherlands has in-depth knowledge of markets and industries. We operate independently and are not affiliated to banks or other organisations. Our financial expertise consists of acquisition finance (including MBI and MBO), refinancing and growth finance in a range of industries, support with cash flow issues and advising companies on releasing cash as quickly as possible in order to generate working capital.

International ambitions
Do you operate internationally ? Our financial advisers will be pleased to help you in doing business and negotiating so as to lay your financial foundations and save on interest and currency costs.

Interested in knowing how we can help you? Feel free to contact us.