Mergers and Acquisitions

“Do they know in China that I want to sell my company?”

The more potential buyers, the higher the price… it’s as simple as that.  So every entrepreneur that decides to sell his or her company immediately thinks big. China! America! Even Belgium will do.

But how do you make the dream a reality? How do you reach your potential buyers? What cultural differences will you encounter? How are you supposed to negotiate with people who speak a language you don’t understand? How do you know who you’re really dealing with? How do you handle contracts? And how can you safely approach the financial aspects?

Fortunately you’re not on your own. We are IMAP, an M&A consultancy with a wealth of experience in buying and selling companies. We’ve got the best of both worlds: we’re down-to-earth Dutch and part of a strong international network.  We have colleagues on five continents and can ensure that potential buyers from China to Chile are aware your company is for sale.  We’re especially strong in the mid-market. It roughly encompasses transactions from 5 to 250 million euros in all sectors.

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