International network

IMAP – International M&A Partners

Formed in 1973, IMAP is the world’s leading global mergers and acquisitions partnership focused on the middle market.
With more than 60 offices across the globe our advisors work together seamlessly to deliver exceptional value to clients.



Company Sales

IMAP´s advisors have a strong and proven track record advising businesses and management teams on sale transactions.  The ability to relate to private company ownership is clearly a benefit and sharing this entrepreneurial background underscores our commitment to quality, service and commitment to the entire M&A process, including follow-up. IMAP partners know that what happens after the completion of a successful transaction is as fundamental as the deal itself.

Corporate Acquisitions

Merger and acquisition advisory work is the central platform of IMAP’s service offerings. IMAP specializes in guiding the parties involved to achieve the appropriate combination of business structure, advising and supporting buyers in identifying expansion opportunities, and presenting and executing acquisitions.  Our extensive global footprint across more than 35 countries coupled with our sector expertise gives us a distinct advantage in identifying and reaching out to potential targets.

Debt Advisory

Knowing where funding exists and how it needs to be structured is critical to completing M&A assignments.
IMAP´s experienced advisors help our clients raise adequate debt capital, refinance existing facilities or have access to sophisticated and specialized debt packages in the international markets. IMAP’s creative approaches and comprehensive relationships contribute to resolving client objectives in the face of challenging market fundamentals.

Corporate Finance

IMAP offers a comprehensive and integrated array of corporate investment banking services related to M&A, corporate finance and business valuation.  Variations of the basic buying or selling theme for various IMAP members include: MBO’s, MBI’s, recapitalizations, strategic relationships, product line additions, divestitures, mergers and rationalizations. IMAP has advisors who specialize in early stages of funding and venture capital and others who focus on growth capital and later-stage funding, corporate restructuring and turn-around funding. Knowledge of funding and the corresponding financial structure is a hallmark of IMAP client service.

Ranks third place worldwide

According to the league tables from Thomson Reuters for amount of deals up to EUR 500 MLN IMAP has a constant top 10 ranking. This position reflects the experience of the IMAP offices in executing a large amount of successful international deals each year.

Industry groups
IMAP Netherlands has identified several industries in which specific IMAP advisors collaborate in order to achieve the best service possible worldwide. IMAP Netherlands advisors constantly keep track of these industries both on a local level and the global developments.